Hospital applications

Operating Room Panels

Operating Room Panels are manufactured according the project and control specifications of the operating room.

Control Panel system includes customized enclosure, equipment and electrical installation and an integrated control system TM-ETC-AMS with 17-19” touch screen. The enclosure is out of stainless steel, cold rolled steel and powder painting as an option.

The customized stainless steel structure is designed either for surface or flush mounting depending on application

Integrated control system TM-ETC-AMS includes the control functions for illumination, temperature, humidity and air conditioning, operation time, USB music application and different alarms.

Equipment and electrical installation includes e.g. socket-outlets for appliances, an interphone, operation lamp control, a CD and radio player, operating switches and compartmented group switchgears.

Operating Room Panels are certified by SGS Fimko.

Control Panel system  Integrated control system TM-ETC-AMS

Gas Alarm Panel

Gas Alarm Panel TM-EIAC is a 4-channel Alarm and Control panel with hygienic and easy cleaning foil. The panel is designed for special purposes e.g hospital gas alarms, where the clean ability of the device surface and the clearness and interchangeability of the markings of the alarms are important qualities.

Gas Alarm Panel TM-EIAC



Text Display LED panel

Text Display LED panel work as signals above the doors of the operating theatres, X-ray rooms, studios, libraries, and different meeting and reception rooms. The light surface is formed by two overlapping polycarbonate plates (the upper one is colored and the bottom one, which contains text, is opal. The light surfaces are red, yellow, green or opal.

Panels are equipped with durable and low power LED light sources assembled on the printed circuit board (PCB). The PCBs can be ordered with red or white LED´s. Other surface colors than red are produced using white LED´s with suitable polycarbonate filters.

PCBs are mechanically and electrically compatible with old generation panels based on Ba9s 3W incandescent bulbs and thus allowing the direct replacement in current installations.

Text Display LED panel